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Join over 30 million managers around the globe, and see if you've got what it takes to lead your club to glory. CAUTION NOTICE REGARDING DOWNLOAD A Wi-Fi connection is required to download PES CLUB MANAGER (PESCM). *The application cannot be downloaded using 3G, 4G, or LTE. *Game updates must also be downloaded using a Wi-Fi connection. Compatible OS: iOS 8 or later *Game performance is not guaranteed for any OS that is not listed above. Compatible Devices: iPhone 5 or later, iPad mini 2 or later, iPad (4th Generation) or later, iPod touch (6th Generation) or later *Game performance is only guaranteed for the OSes listed above. This application is a Free-to-Play online game. Please connect to the internet before you play. NEW ENGINE BASED ON THE MOBILE VERSION OF "PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2018" Experience matches from a 3D perspective, and enjoy enhanced graphics enabled by the new engine. Alternatively, switch to 2D to dissect each match event from a tactical standpoint. The new engine also means that player animations and match dynamics are smoother than ever before! In addition, more variations of goal celebrations have been added to recreate all the drama and excitement of real-life soccer matches. OFFICIAL LICENSES FROM ALL AROUND THE WORLD Official team and league licenses from popular clubs in Europe and South America included. Select from over 5000 licensed soccer players when creating your team. Many legend players including BECKHAM, BATISTUTA, RONALDINHO, and ZICO are featured as well. A SOCCER MANAGEMENT EXPERIENCE BUILT FROM THE GROUND UP FOR ENTHUSIASTS OF TACTICAL SPORTS GAMES (FREE-TO-PLAY) Club Manager is a tactical soccer game that offers strategically-inclined soccer fans a comprehensive platform to effortlessly orchestrate each match. It's easy to pick up and play, even for those who don't have a lot of experience with typical action-focused soccer games. Unlike other games in the genre, Club Manager rewards your shrewdness as a manager as opposed to your reaction-time and ball control. Just like in the real world of soccer management, results depend on how well you're able to predict the ebb and flow of each match to determine how each contest will unfold. SHAPE YOUR TEAM TO SUIT YOUR STRATEGY Contract skilled trainers and customize each player's training regime according to your own personal preference. You'll also have access to new Player Skills such as "Heading", "Heel Trick", "Rabona", "Low Lofted Passes", "Malicia", and "Acrobatic Clear". Each manager has their own philosophy when it comes to soccer, and Club Manager allows you complete freedom to shape your team in this image. Compete with rival managers around the world with a team forged in the image of your favorite soccer strategy. NEW MODE: "ALL-STAR SERIES" Play matches with a team comprised of 18 players chosen from the multiple teams assigned for the mission. All users select from the same player pool, ensuring there is little difference between each team's base strength. As such, you'll have to rely purely on your tactical prowess if you want to emerge victorious. The more victories you achieve, the greater your reward will be, so make sure to try your hand at this exciting new contest. ENJOY THE SEASON LEAGUE AT YOUR OWN PACE The season league calendar revolves entirely around your schedule, which means progress only occurs when you have time to complete matches. Enjoy the season at your own pace without worrying about fixed dates or times! License List URL" [2]=> string(27) "" [3]=> string(676) "["https:\/\/\/image\/thumb\/Purple118\/v4\/12\/9b\/c8\/129bc8ac-cfe1-4cf9-1170-cfc6ae1f031c\/source\/406x228bb.jpg","https:\/\/\/image\/thumb\/Purple118\/v4\/75\/e3\/b5\/75e3b583-4cd1-45b1-104a-8d91c4241ed5\/source\/406x228bb.jpg","https:\/\/\/image\/thumb\/Purple118\/v4\/dd\/f4\/1d\/ddf41d8e-6c98-a01e-ceab-f0c4afd0b6f3\/source\/406x228bb.jpg","https:\/\/\/image\/thumb\/Purple128\/v4\/5b\/1e\/9c\/5b1e9c58-652e-4a7c-cbf5-25201c181e5b\/source\/406x228bb.jpg","https:\/\/\/image\/thumb\/Purple128\/v4\/61\/a0\/5f\/61a05f68-81e2-ad88-0e1a-c8a3bac5e018\/source\/406x228bb.jpg"]" [4]=> string(676) "["https:\/\/\/image\/thumb\/Purple118\/v4\/71\/89\/5c\/71895ceb-8850-2d03-1230-0e81308bd626\/source\/552x414bb.jpg","https:\/\/\/image\/thumb\/Purple128\/v4\/5c\/6d\/16\/5c6d161c-3b18-b072-1b25-25dcb36e2bd2\/source\/552x414bb.jpg","https:\/\/\/image\/thumb\/Purple128\/v4\/ba\/40\/fd\/ba40fd87-1ca1-581c-ffd0-514190935095\/source\/552x414bb.jpg","https:\/\/\/image\/thumb\/Purple118\/v4\/ff\/ca\/87\/ffca8711-f578-58cd-19fb-64c081ee8ffe\/source\/552x414bb.jpg","https:\/\/\/image\/thumb\/Purple118\/v4\/74\/14\/e8\/7414e825-5c71-eedf-ef2e-81b491c1f57c\/source\/552x414bb.jpg"]" [5]=> string(2) "4+" [6]=> int(0) [7]=> int(0) [8]=> int(1550658393) [9]=> string(10) "1790522368" } string(158) "execute error INSERT INTO apps_detail (`appid`,`introduce`,`authorurl`,`pic`,`picpad`,`age`,`rate`,`ratecount`,`cachetime`,`size`)VALUES(?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?) 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