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The coloring painter released it. Your baby child can experience the fun of painting here.
If one day, you find that your child is starting to scribble, don't get angry! Because these seem to be meaningless and even dirty graffiti, it contains the infinite and rich imagination of the baby. The chaotic lines may be the constant flow of cars, and the scattered blocks around may be the stars of the high-hanging universe...
Our game is such a game that can fully play the imagination of the baby. Through the observation of the surroundings, the babies can restore the original features of things in life, and can also play their own imagination and draw a world of their own.

feature of product:
Rich filling content is waiting for you to fill in, in addition to creating your own work.
There is always a variety of filling tools for you.
More replaceable backgrounds, with your own painting space
The pleasing music makes you immersive, and the cool special effects make you stunned.

Our game is more than just a game, it is also a good teacher and friend of enlightenment.


开发商 Xiaoxi Wei
类别 游戏 教育
更新日期 2018年10月09日
版本 1.1
大小 70MB
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