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Spin Top Kids Spinner Game

To be master of giant beyblade of Destruction: make your giant beyblade bigger & bigger and crush as many buildings, tress and obstacles as you can while rolling down the earth! 

Choose your beyblade for top spin destruction will be great! Quickly take the top spin kids game and go to city smash! 

Let's see if you can survive the most deadly city smasher field! Become an incarnation of rage and anger, crush the peaceful Pixel Valley and have fun, smashing funny pixel people with your large giant beyblade! The more obstacles and houses you squish the more points you earn! 

Use earned points to upgrade your giant top spin be blade – bigger, faster, larger or deadlier!
Spin Top Kids Spinner Game is not only about crushing buildings but also smashing the whole Toon/Pixel city!

Game Features: 

- Destroy all buildings in front of your Be blade top spinner game!

- Start destruction with Giant be blade and do not stop!
- Upgrade and improve your top spin beyblade for destruction!

- Enlarge your Giant be blade size, destruction of city will be glorious!
All Beyblade battles take place in a special arena called a Beystadium. 
In a Beyblade battle more than one top launches into a stadium, and the last top spinning is the winner. 
Each stadium has its own abilities that will help or hinder the blades during the matches.
The toys usually include a 'launcher' – a device for bringing the spinning top up to speed. 
The 'ripping' action causes the tops to be ejected, at the end of the movement. 
Players eject the tops into a plastic arena where they subsequently strike each other. 

Top Spin kids spinner game is only for fun; don’t take it serious and incorrect behavior. Just try to smash all things down and enjoy blade destruction and get relax. Challenge your city smashing skills in the most dangerous whirlpool demolition derby game ever to be on the field.

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开发商 Sajwar Khizar
类别 游戏
更新日期 2018年08月12日
版本 1.0
大小 105MB
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