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The latest second-generation 3D adventure magic MMORPG mobile game broken screen hit! Four kinds of professions are randomly selected, and the combination of special transfer and transformation functions, PVP and PVE competition, gorgeous fashion, cool mounts, personalized cute pets and other classic gameplay, and more intimate social games such as couples, guilds, camps, etc. Bring a refreshing and exciting second-money adventure action MMORPG experience!
Game highlights:
[Four major occupations, transfer to change and combat strength soar]
Multiple career choices: swords, sticks, guns, knives, vertical and horizontal, far-reaching near-attack, transfer to change, and soaring power, who can dominate the Canglong era?

[Three camps, multi-map open main city]
Trial, moon sea, brilliant three camp scenes, solemn atmosphere towns, leisurely valleys, exquisite marsh landforms, a variety of elements, different styles, different extreme visual feast!

[Hot blood battle, diverse cross-service team competition]
Guild wars, camp battles, cross-service 3V3, team cross-service and many other passionate activities, including rich PVE and PVP gameplay, competitive Fengshen, is so simple!

[Amazing fashion, cool mounts domineering exposed]
Hand-to-friend travel, unique couple aura, rich weapons, fashion, wings, mounts, pet image, change without stopping, experience the difference between the most fashionable and wonderful pleasure!

[Instant Combat 360 Degree Free View]
Full 360-degree free combat, immersive experience, feel the tension and instant refreshing action fighting. Choose from four major occupations, arms and armor free to build, your battle, you come to the Lord!

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开发商 Beijing Hailaite Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
类别 游戏 娱乐
更新日期 2018年08月18日
版本 1.0.8
大小 396MB
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